Friday, 18 January 2019

5'8" x 2" x 19 1/4" Twin fin

Another twinny with a recycled eps foam sheet core,
and recycled pallet on the deck, with some cool looking
resin tint artwork. I used flat foam sheet, 50mm thick
and just bent the rocker into it, simple. 
Super quick and fun this one, I made it for myself.

Twin fin from recycled pallets and foam boxes.

Here we have a Twin fin made from recycled pine pallets
and recycled foam boxes, with a resin tint.
Plenty of foam fish and vegetable boxes out there that 
just end up in landfill, why not make a surfboard from
them? Other people out there doing this as well
which is good to see!

Hollow 7 Footer

This one from Paulownia, recycled pallets and recycled Red Cedar
on the rails and GT stripes top and bottom. I've shown some interior 
detail here for those interested, all hand made. This is what I do inside
pretty much all of the hollow timber boards I build, keeps the weight to 
a minimum, and very strong. I always glass and seal the interior
of all the boards I make as well, no worries then if water gets inside.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

More recycled pallet wooden surfboards

Here are a few more boards that I've been working 
on recently, a longboard and a couple of shorties,
all from recycled pine pallets, again.
Plus using some resin tints as well.
These 2 both ended up with 3 and 4 fin options.


6' 7" Twin fin

Here we have a 6' 7 twin fin from recycled pallets
top and bottom, with recycled eps vegetable boxes 
for the rails and interior ribs with a wooden stringer.
All internally sealed in epoxy.

Custom single fin

Custom 6' 8" single fin from recycled pallets and 
Paulownia rails and interior with chalk colour.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Single fin

A while ago I made this particular
board for Brandon McDonald from 
recycled pallets for a special gift he had planned.
Here are some words he sent me to include;
"A board made by Jason for my partners birthday.
I helped my partner's family paint pictures of some
of their memories, then I did all the 'fill in' of the
sunset design around them with acrylics.
Big thanks to Jason for his outstanding 
craftsmanship and quality"

Looks fantastic!!